Feb. 9th, 2014

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Firstly, I must give credit to the lovely Podchacha for the idea of extracting buildings from strategy games to use as 'hood deco, because it is brilliant. Thank you!

These are conversions of buildings from the game Empire Earth 2, edited to be used as neighbourhood decoration for Sims 2. It's mostly medieval Western and medieval East-Asian architecture (along with some Greek buildings). They look decent enough from lot view as well, but some will have some missing faces only visible from bottom-up. So, you know... don't put those close to lots if it bothers you. Still looks better than what the game does to your own lots, though. They're placeable everywhere, too. Credits go to Mad Doc Software for making this game, naturally.

Here's an impression of what it looks like in neighbourhood view:

(unedited picture)

(unedited picture)

The stuff on the island in this picture is not included. The pagoda and the little houses are by Podchacha, and the tower is by Lethe_s/Sunni.

And here are overviews showing everything that is included. They're huge, so I'm going to link to them instead:

You can find them in the 'Miscellaneous' section of the 'hood deco catalogue, except for a little fire pit not pictured (you can find that under 'Stones').

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