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Okay, this is for last post's anon. :D Here are some vanilla shots from Malrennan's Fall to compare with the edited ones.

I'm amongst many who edit the shit out of their pictures. Not the previews for CC though (I know that tends to sour people's muffins), mostly just the picspam type. Compared with newer games TS2's graphics kind of suck, no matter how uber your card is, but with quality CC and lighting mods alone you can get quite far. So I personally only use Photoshop as a finishing touch kind of thing.

I'm still learning, and this isn't very spectacular compared to what some others can do (saying this because I bumped into someone's utterly beautiful house show-off thread when I was about to post this - confidence drainer, haha), but here we go.

Ruins - Before )

Sanzusair's Office - Before )

Xihao - Before )

Creep - Before )

Malrennan City - Before )

Icewind Dale - Kuldahar
The soundtracks of Black Isle games were always spectacularly pretty. <3
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Anyone here on Tumblr? Is it possible to follow others/reblog pictures with a sub-blog instead of the name you signed up with? I'm trying to go with the sneaky anonymous thing, but it doesn't help if my original super-obvious username is plastered everywhere, eh. As if the blog's name isn't a dead giveaway already.

Anyway. I used to hate building my own lots, mostly because my ideas didn't go much further than slapping two squares together. I surpassed myself by making something consisting of four squares, semi-creatively stacked on top of each other. Oh yeah. 8D It made for some pretty enough pictures, so here are some of those.
This was intended as a modern house for a rich bachelor who doesn't like frilly decorations, but I got bored halfway through due to the lack of needlessly ~ornate~ stuff, and didn't even get to the bedrooms. At least I had an excuse to finally use those light panels by Xanathon I'd been hoarding for ages.

. Illumination .

I finally slapped Gunmod's Shader file in my game and ended up gawking at the water for at least 15 minutes.

Cut for six more. )

. Sim blahblah.

As for something entirely different, I'm not the only one who makes characters into sims and just keeps tweaking them endlessly, am I? I came across some old pictures of the ~ominous~ dude from the last post and ended up comparing them. Perhaps I'm the only one who finds this amusing, but hey.
His name is Sanzusair and he likes talking in metaphors that may or may not make any sort of sense.

2008: Photoshopped to hell and looking fancier than the next two pictures combined.

2009: For some reason I spammed this picture around everywhere at this point.

Now: Doesn't look like himself without the white fairy locks.
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I'm supposed to be writing an essay but I just had to get these out before continuing. For the sake of snooze time and all that.
I have a woeful lack of windows and doors in my game, so here are some retextures of Windkeeper's Tokyo windows/doors for the frame and uh... screen parts. The frames and screens are in different files, so you can mix and match and delete colours you don't like without messing up another.

In-game previews:

NOTE: I included my small edit of the master file (wind_tokyowindow_2tile_main.package) and Windkeeper's own glass recolour (wind_tokyowindow_screen_glass.package) to get rid of that la vie en bleu effect (you know, the blueish hue Maxis windows often have). This is picked up by all the other windows and doors slaved to it. Okay yeah, it still looks a bit plastic, so don't hesitate to poke me if you manage to get better results.

The meshes are not included, but you can get them HERE ( Let my edits of her files overwrite the original files.

< Mediafire or Dropbox or >

And here are some pictures that were also made in essay time that I already spammed about over at GoS. It's the favourite spot of some fairy guy to scare the piss out of travellers.

Cut for moar! )

Two Steps From Hell - Merchant Prince
Epic trailer music! That just about sums it up.
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I'm fascinated with urban decay, but find it difficult to get that 'grubby city at night' feeling when making lots. I was quite happy with how this little set turned, though... And since I only implemented three screenshots of it in MF, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer the rest here, hah!
Ahh, I imagine this as the back of a poker club, located next to an abandoned warehouse and a cheap bordello of some sort. Guess that shows the gutter my mind is in.

Now that I'm picspamming here anyway, here are a few pictures of sims I found in my IS-account: Eylam, some rich bohemian wannabe, and...some version of Enlai, I think. I do so like looking back at things every once in a while.

Ik bedenk me net dat ik gisteren van Kooten en de Bie heb gemist. Verdeurie zeg. X(

Múm - The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records