Feb. 19th, 2014

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Here's a tutorial I posted on GoS a little while ago - I thought it might be useful to put it on here, too.

Attaching Tenshii~Akari's smooth hands to tops or outfits.

I noticed some frustrated flailing about using these, so I thought it might be useful to write a little tutorial about them. This is a basic tutorial: It's extremely easy for those who are comfortable with Milkshape, but it was written to be understandable for those who are less confident with the program. Swapping hands is like swapping shoes, but a lot easier. So if you've done that before, this is a walk in the park for you. This will just cover the meshing bit, nothing else.

What are Tenshii's smooth hands?
Tenshii~Akari posted a number of lovely body meshes over at Sim-Oasis a few years back, which feature smoother hands and more detailed feet. The hands are basically edits of the Maxis hands, so they have the same mapping - they're just less blocky. They are interesting for those who prefer a more realistic aesthetic and are put off by the original hands. The drawback is that they do kick up the mesh's total polycount (by about 1800), putting the total polycount on the same level as the average TS3>TS2 clothing mesh. If you can use those without noticing lagging in your game, you ought to have no problems.

Here is a comparison:

What you'll need:
- A recent version of Milkshape
- Unimesh plugins by Wes_H
- msAlignNormals plugin by demon432
-The smooth hands pack I prepared for you.
This archive includes the separated hands for all the ages and genders, cut off at the forearm. The normals and seams are matched to the game's standard naked meshes. They are in .simpe format, so that you can easily import them into your project with bones and comments intact.

Make sure you're working on a duplicate file, or have a back-up somewhere. You might end up deleting a face or vertex that you didn't mean to delete.

Attaching to bare arms )

Attaching to longsleeves )

Again, double check it in-game to see if there is anything that you might have missed. And that is it. Easy, right? Many thanks to Tenshii~Akari for her open policy - remember to credit her if you use these.

Please feel free to post questions or point out anything that is unclear.