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[Lot] Pendulum Loft

I'm in a mood to share stuff, so here is that modern lot I posted pictures of a few weeks ago. Don't expect too much in the architectural department - I just like me some pretty colours.

ATTENZIONE: This was built using all EPs, so you're probably going to need those, as well as all SPs. I don't remember whether I used SP stuff, but if you don't have them all it'll just look like missing CC.

I'd recommend using CleanInstaller when installing this lot. I made an attempt to fish out all the unused recolours, so if something flashes blue that is not yet listed below, hit me up.

Missing CC/Shopping list
To make things appear exactly like in my pictures, you'll need to download these additional sets. Thanks to everyone for helping with this!

- Blake_boy's plantation set.
- Adele's Ramsay set and the pale recolour by Bosie.
- Guatla's broken bathroom (for the lamp outside).
- Olemantiker's Breeze set.
- White Burj sink recolour by Senemm (booty, part of burjbathroom-parti).
- Shoukeir's books and Dinki's NL painting recolours (the sites I got them from are down so I uploaded the complete sets to Mediafire.)
- Single bed blanket slave mesh by ImpishParody (I think this is included with the lot, but still), master mesh and recolour by Jonesi.
- White Adele counter recolour by Engelchen.
- Maxis Moroccan table recolour by Necromunchy.
- Apparently the little glass table in the bathroom isn't included either. It's an IKEA SP pre-order item *cough*.

I knew there was a reason I was afraid to share lots.

1 - Pendulum Loft

< Mediafire (.rar of 25MB) >

2 - Su

For shits, here is Su, the inhabitant of this lot in my game. She might look a bit dolly, but she sure liked gagging over every piece of furniture I bought.

And that is all. My thanks go out to all the creators whose stuff I used.

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