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Yuxi ([personal profile] esperesa) wrote2012-01-18 05:48 pm

[Mesh fix + blabber + interior shots] Cleaning, coat fix and picspam.

I'm cleaning up my Dreamwidth a bit to remove broken links, add tags, a more gratuitous use of cuts, delete things I no longer like (some sims and hairs, mostly) and add little mesh information blurbs in all the clothing posts.

I also updated this mesh, so please redownload if you had it. There were some minor animation issues and I added morphs, which it was missing before. I also made an optional version of it with Maxis hands instead of Tenshii's hands, because I noticed a significant interest in those.


ETA: Fixed two more meshes to add morphs and fix some huge animation issues. I also added smoother hands and an optional Maxis hands mesh for them. Please update them if you have them - the difference is significant.



And because this post looks so text-y and empty now, have some picspam! This was a set I'd made back in 2009, but it always seemed to lack something. I just decided to move things around drastically and fiddle with the lighting.

Vincent's and Seyzei's basement.

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got to say everything on your journals goregous I was a it suprised you've been posting like crazy lately