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Well, slap me silly if it isn't an upload! I've been cleaning out my game lately, so of course I had to clutter it up by making new stuff immediately. I basically took aikea-guinea's edit of a Store outfit and had my way with it, swapping shoes, reshaping the trousers and then retexturing the thing.
I included two meshes, differing only in the hands - one for Tenshii's smooth hands, one for the Maxis hands. Delete the one you don't want or your game will just pick whichever version it fancies.

Outfit Information
File name: yuxi-clothing-AMvestloafers
Polycount: F2371 V1889 (Maxis hands)
Morphs: Yes.
Categories: Everyday.
Hands: Tenshii's smooth hands, Maxis hands.
Last updated: 29 December 2012.

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For the Magic and Fantasy theme over at GoS: I don't usually make genetics or make-up and the like, but I really wanted the eyes from Dragon Age's Lady of the Forest and the Desire Demon in my game. So I unceremoniously ripped their textures from the Dragon Age game, edited them to be usable with TS2 and ended up liking them enough to make a complete set.

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It's that time of the year again! I participated in the Christmas in July event over at GoS, and my generous Santa was NathanialRoyale, who made me some gorgeous Asian paintings and scrolls, and lovely walls and floors from Fallout: New Vegas! You can check them out here.

My Santee was the lovely [ profile] lilith_sims, who I made these thingies for:

She generously decided to share her gift, so you can find these in her post in the CiJ thread over at GoS! As always, be sure to check the entire thread for more goodies.

The second thing I wanted to mention was a download I posted on my Tumblr earlier (moving it here now). Not much to say about that one - it is a sofa ripped from Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The original textures are kind of small, so I might make better retextures of it at some point.

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This is an antedated post, made in interest of keeping my meshes and other things in one place. I sliced the original post in two because it was simply too long.

This is part two of my gifts for the 2010 Advent calendar over at GoS!

XI. Horizonte

Swatch )

Female version
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Male version
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Credits: Aikea-guinea and Gelydh for the jeans textures.

XII. Aubrey

Swatches )

< Mediafire or Dropbox >
< Mediafire or Dropbox >
< Mediafire or Dropbox >

Credits: Aikea-guinea for the jeans textures, Gothplague for the Docs, Yuichen for the striped trousers texture.

XIII. Geraldine

< Mediafire or Dropbox >

Credits: The sclera are vaguely based on Enayla's.

XIV. Eternelle

Hair gender conversions were the very first things I could make, so I found it fitting to dump one of those here too. I also slapped my retexture (a blend of my own and Anto's texture) on the female mesh. The polycount is 14000-something, so don't use if you think your system can't handle that.
Credits: To Anto for the mesh and textures this edit is based on, and for his liberal policy. <3

Female retexture
< Mediafire or Dropbox >
Male conversion
< Mediafire or Dropbox >

XV. Adagio - Wall and floor set

In-game shot )

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CREDITS: CGtextures for the textures I edited to heck and back.
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I've traded my graphic card for a better one with the old folks (who needs a 9600-something GeForce whatever when all they do is browse the interwebs) but... not much difference, save for lack of anti-aliasing in Bodyshop. Meh.

In any case, more eyebrows for you. All files are compressed. Sorry for the uninteresting screenshot, but I feel like there are noodles coming through my nose.

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I was doing something entirely different but ended up sketching eyebrow alphas in PS. Now I'm torn between thinking whether they're just as ~feathery~ as intended... or just plain blurry. Still going with feathery right now, so I'll just dump them here.


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