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[Clothing] Salaryman 3.0 (outfit for AM)

UPDATED 18 JAN. 2012. Please redownload for improved animations, morphs and slightly lower polycount. There's also an optional Maxis hands mesh now.

Bonjour! I mangled an older outfit of mine to add a jacket. It was supposed to go with the original for storytelling purposes, heh.

Also, I've used Tenshii~Akari's hands on this outfit. TS2's blocky hands have been my biggest pet peeve ever, but her edits of them make them look more like TS3 hands and jglgfg yay. Many thanks to her for her generous policy! For creators: You can find her original meshes at Sims Oasis. They up the overall polycount, but overall I find that worth it.

A note: The hands are not default replacements. You won't need to download a separate file or anything - they're part of the outfit.

In case you're wondering, the hands texture in this picture are from Oepu's skins (although I pasted them on a skin blend). I find the combination quite fetching.

Outfit Information
File name: yuxi-clothing-AMtuckedshirtlongcoat
Polycount: F3929 V2822.
Morphs: Yes.
Categories: Everyday, outerwear.
Hands: Tenshii's smoother hands, Maxis hands (optional).
Last updated: 18 January 2012.

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Optional: Maxis hands mesh