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Yuxi ([personal profile] esperesa) wrote2012-04-11 10:16 am

[Object edits + retextures] Galeria Occitana - Mirrors!

Here's a set I posted at GoS last week. I'm still working on Reno's suit too, but the collar is killing me.

I have this odd fascination with certain types of objects, like chandeliers, candelabras, Venetian masks and most of all: Mirrors! What's shinier than mirrors? Very little is what. Here are edits of some of my favourite mirror meshes.

Small square mirror

A versatile little mirror retextured in two different styles. Mesh by Mango-Sims included.


Large round mirror

This mesh was cloned from an OFB mirror, so you'll need that EP to be able to use it. Mesh by Birgit included.


"Big is Better" mirror edit

This is an edit of a Nightlife mirror. There was a little angel ornament thing on top that I felt was out of place, so I hacked it off. Unfortunately, it will require Nightlife because I couldn't get it show up otherwise. The glass can also be retextured. Mesh by myself included, obviously.


Maxis/Jope mirrors

These are retextures of the "Past Reflections" mirror that came with the base game, and two mirrors by Jope from SimplyStyling that were based on it. All meshes are included.

I've posted this set here before, but for this upload I added another mirror to it that used the same mapping.

This is the new retexture...

...and this was the older set, which is included.

One last note: I tend to modify the meshes of objects I edit to add shadows, so if you already have the meshes, replace them if you want those.

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