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[Malrennan's Fall] Rewrite, chapter 1 18-21

I finished this late at night and now I have eyebags to my knees, so this is all prone to change. This goes directly after the last few pages.


In which Xi Hao has to blow off his rendez-vous for business.

Warning for slightly suggestive dialogue and people in their skivvies.

You can immediately forget about the girl now - he will too, probably.

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Dang. Here I thought she would turn up again. XD

But seriously, I love the expressions.
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Woman, you've got to share those bras with the crowd... O__O
And that book...

And as always *breathes in*: thosepicturesarekillingmyeyesbytheirawesomenessYuxiyouarethemostamazinglytalentedpersoninthesimsworldIloveyoutodeath. <3


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Yes! please, please, please, please, forever pretty please share those lovely bra's! I will sit here and refresh your page until you do! c:
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I need more of this))) mooore
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You can immediately forget about the girl now - he will too, probably.

[personal profile] aglaya 2012-01-06 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
What he is bad boy))))

I love this

(Anonymous) 2012-01-07 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
omg,your pics are soo pretty! and please upload that white bra! *drools*

(Anonymus because I don't have a dw)
Rewindedcharlotte - GOS

[personal profile] angel77 2012-01-08 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, your pictures are gorgeous and I love the graphic novel style presentation, really well done! :D

(Anonymous) 2012-01-09 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
Beautiful as always =)

Your picture taking and story telling skills never cease to amaze me =D

Can't wait for the next installment!(sothatImayfangirloverXihaoabitmore <333)

~C.C. (I thought I should identify myself a bit even though you dont know me cause I dont have a DW account ='D But I've been a long time lurker and a huge fan <3)

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She's not very upset about being dismissed, is she? So funny! And it's interesting that her attention is, like his, focused on the book.

I love the way she looks so much like him that she could be his sister. I wonder if that's symptomatic of narcissism. Honestly, I can't blame him!

Wonderful, wonderful shots. I think my favorite is where she's looking through the door at him. That is so absolutely perfect!

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i'm still playing catch-up on your re-write. I just stumbled over this and thought id holla. ^^

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Fantastic. It's been great to catch up your story.