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Hello hello! Here is a hair that was part of a project with Trapping, Nabila and Maaron (that we never got around to actually posting, alas). I had made some more things for this, but because real life is rather busy and I want to concentrate on finishing the things I started, I'll post them bit by bit. You can find Trapping's goodies here!

Anyway, this is a retexture and female-to-male conversion of an old hair by Flora of XMSims, using my own textures and colours. Polycount is 3280F 1291V.

< Mediafire or OneDrive or >
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This is an antedated post, made in interest of keeping my meshes and other things in one place. I sliced the original post in two because it was simply too long.

This is part two of my gifts for the 2010 Advent calendar over at GoS!

XI. Horizonte

Swatch )

Female version
< Mediafire or Dropbox >
Male version
< Mediafire or Dropbox >

Credits: Aikea-guinea and Gelydh for the jeans textures.

XII. Aubrey

Swatches )

< Mediafire or Dropbox >
< Mediafire or Dropbox >
< Mediafire or Dropbox >

Credits: Aikea-guinea for the jeans textures, Gothplague for the Docs, Yuichen for the striped trousers texture.

XIII. Geraldine

< Mediafire or Dropbox >

Credits: The sclera are vaguely based on Enayla's.

XIV. Eternelle

Hair gender conversions were the very first things I could make, so I found it fitting to dump one of those here too. I also slapped my retexture (a blend of my own and Anto's texture) on the female mesh. The polycount is 14000-something, so don't use if you think your system can't handle that.
Credits: To Anto for the mesh and textures this edit is based on, and for his liberal policy. <3

Female retexture
< Mediafire or Dropbox >
Male conversion
< Mediafire or Dropbox >

XV. Adagio - Wall and floor set

In-game shot )

< Mediafire or Dropbox >

CREDITS: CGtextures for the textures I edited to heck and back.
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Hey again. I did this request for Trapping and decided to post it here as well, so it won't be lost in the Wishing Tree. The male version of this mesh is one of my favourite hairs by Anto (*waves* <3) so being able to slap it on more sims is good.

This gender conversion works for all ages and uses Trapping's own Pooklet retexture. The files are Compressorized. Polycount is 24492 for the adult age, so use sparingly.

Full credits go to Anto for the mesh and for being totally okay with mesh-tinkering (and for being generally awesome)!

< Mediafire >

The Sushi Club - Tsuki
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What the flying turd is up with Tinypic? I was going to look for another image host, but it seems they're all quickly going downhill.

Anyway, I still had this hair edit, for those into this sort of thing. It's Anto's BoA hair for males, made after a poke by [personal profile] sakurajane! I suppose it could work for...hmm... j-rockers and the like, yes?

It uses a small edit of the Nouk retexture I did of the original female mesh, so it includes 12 colours and that seaweed indigo I like to clutter my black bin with. As always, it works for all ages and the files are compressed. Polycount's about 20000+, from before he slapped his 3d-program into submission, which is high.

< Mediafire or (yuxi_coolsims48F2M.rar) >

All thanks go to Anto for his pretty meshes and liberal policy (and for then not ripping me a new one every time I pull these stunts with your poor hairs, without telling you about my nefarious plans, hohoho).
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O hey yeah, I'm still here. I've been banging my head over an object that just doesn't want to work correctly and ends up somewhere on the second floor(?!) instead of nicely on the wall. Then I forgot all about MF's next chapter and went on to do other things, like this F2M hair request of Anto's Madonna hair for milkiemybaby. Putting it here for future reference.

Full credits go to Anto for the mesh and his very liberal policy and to Mango/Bombardingsheep for the Pooklet retexture.
Polycount is 18662 which is high, so if you think your system can't handle that, better to leave it.

< Mediafire or (yuxi_coolsims60F2M.rar) >

All of this said, I should probably take a step back for a bit; I've been neglecting my studies and I'm afraid it's showing in my grades.

Explosions in the Sky - So long, lonesome
Beautiful post-rock.