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Hello! Have a hair retexture for a change, of Cazy's Mystical/84. This hair quite intrigued me when I saw it for TS3, but I only recently noticed it has a TS2 version, too. Uses my own textures blended with Cazy's, and it only works for AM-YAM-EM. The mapping on the right side was a bit sassy, but I hope I managed a compromise with the highlights and everything.

Credits go to Cazy for the mesh and textures I edited.

Swatch )

Mesh included for convenience.

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Hello hello! Here is a hair that was part of a project with Trapping, Nabila and Maaron (that we never got around to actually posting, alas). I had made some more things for this, but because real life is rather busy and I want to concentrate on finishing the things I started, I'll post them bit by bit. You can find Trapping's goodies here!

Anyway, this is a retexture and female-to-male conversion of an old hair by Flora of XMSims, using my own textures and colours. Polycount is 3280F 1291V.

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Just some stuff I made earlier. First, things for the GoS monthly themes.

For the Arabian Nights theme: Eight retextures of a wee bajot table by Exotic Elements. The original mesh didn't have drop shadows, so I added those as well. Files are compressed, mesh is included. You can find it under 'Coffee tables' in the catalogue.

By the way, if you were having problems with the table appearing inexplicably dark when placed on anything other than the ground floor in a house with no foundations, you might want to redownload this ('twas a mesh boober).

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For the Asylum/medical theme: A little set of scratched-up-but-not-completely-destroyed hospital stuff from Fallout: Two gurneys, a surgery lamp, an x-ray panel (can be found under 'wall lamps' because it lights up and everything), an iv-stand, a screen thing, a little cabinet and some surgery tools. The decorative stuff can be found under Deco > Misc.
I've had this stuff extracted for years and got nostalgia after playing again, so there you go.

Updated 12 April to remove excess shine and fix descriptions.

All the tools are on one mesh because I hate not being able to find teeny weeny objects in my stuffed catalogue - I made recolour files that edit out the other tools so you can use one at a time.

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For the Base game theme: Here are ten antique-ish retextures for the Korean kite object that came with the base game, called 'Bangpae Yeon from Simporters, Ltd.' ($700 in the catalogue). The textures I used were actual kites, so I hope the hanja on it don't say something completely unrelated.

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And lastly, I actually posted a bunch of hair retextures at Reines de l'Orient over the past few months (inbetween Io's awesomeness <3). Here's the latest - click to gooo.

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I wish I had the time for more exciting stuff, but until then you'll have to do with small little offerings like these.

Un - Newsea Yu032F+M Chinese Ink retexture

Well, here is a set to go with the recolour I made for my sim Inyeon (dubious translation aside XD). I had this mesh by Yu tucked away for months before finally finding a use for it, so I decided to customize it a bit to my liking. It must be one of my favourite styles, partly because it seems to be based on an artwork from one of my favourite artists ever:

~wilted by Feimo

These just use my own colours: Thirteen in total, silver/white/Inyeon's hair (labeled 'vert') as customs. The textures are a blend of the originals and my own. I didn't edit the matching accessories as I do not use those myself, sorry.

These are pretty much scrambled together, but previews are previews.

And the creep himself:

And black recolour on black background because I can, damnit.

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< Male version: Mediafire >
I didn't include meshes, so get those at your preferred avenues.

Dos - Viktor

As asked, here is also Viktor, aka Unfortunate Soul as he's officially called in my neighbourhood. I hope you'll give him a better end :). As was suggested by UartigePigebarn in the Gentlemen thread where I spammed these pictures once, I made his eyes a bit smaller than shown here.

Veigar - Indigo
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Have a retexture of Peggy's latest F2M conversion and the corresponding female mesh. I chucked almost all of the long male hair meshes I had for looking silly, but I like this one well enough. I may be the only person who sort of likes the original textures and highlights on Peggy's hairs, but I prefer a softer look so I blended them with my own. Twelve natural colours for each mesh, compressorized. All credits to Peggyzone for the original hair, naturally.

Oh, and with 12000+ the polycount is rather high.

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Yanni - Whispers in the Dark (Ausencia)
Everyone ought to know this piece.