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Un Amour Éternel - A Prologue.

Welcome to Un Amour Éternel, Yuxi's TS2-crap-dump! I dig decorating, storytelling and making pretty pixel people, amongst other things. Older content (like old hair retextures/conversions) can be found on my Livejournal, and a masterlist of most of my stuff can be found here.


In case you want to know how I roll:
You're free to include my stuff with lots and sims, no need to ask.
Don't reupload my stuff as-is - there's no need, just link to it here.
For meshes, I'd prefer you linked back to their original post instead of including them, as I am prone to screwing up and will update as necessary. If you feel you must include it anyway, please also link back for that reason.
Feel free to hack/slash/convert/recolour/edit my things, but please do mention where you got your parts from. Defaulting is fine too, but please link back to the original post.
I only use textures or meshes from other people if they allow such mash-ups - follow their terms of usage if you wish to reuse their work and credit them properly too.

This is a list of the lovely creators and sites I get pretties and/or inspiration from. For closed sites, I added back-ups of their content where I could.

Sites and forums

Adele (mirror site): Beautiful objects and clothing.
Black Pearl Sims (forum) : I'm not an active member here, but I love many object recolours and meshes that can be found here. My favourite creators in particular are Animefemme, Cassandre, Leehee, MysticRain and Nemestnaya.
Chi Sims: All sorts of fancy objects, accessories and what-have-you with a classical Chinese twist.
Club Crimsyn (mirror site): Darker themed high-quality clothing, accessories, objects, walls&floors and so much more by aikea-guinea and Gelydh.
Cool Sims: Pretty, quality hairs for both genders by Anto.
Cradle of Darkness: Many beautiful and darker downloads by some excellent Russian creators.
E-studio See creator blogs vvv: E-Studio had high-quality skins, make-up and hair edits by one of my favourite creators ever. Ephemera is also a member of MTS and of Gamesir.
Elegant Decay: Used-but-not-quite-abused objects and other things by Nixy - I think the site's title pretty much says it all.
Enayla's Escapades: A subforum at Insimenator where Enayla posted her phenomenal eyes, skins and clothing inspired by the world of the fantastic.
Fashion Twist: Realistic, high-quality and elegant clothing by Confide and Tantra.
Gamesir: A plethora of talented Chinese CC creators post their creations here. (You do need an account view the board and GSBs (forum money) to download, however.)
Garden of Shadows (forum): Alternative-themed forum with many, many pretties. Basically my home forum, and I get at least 50% of my CC either from or via GoS.
Imaginary (at Sims2Graveyard): Problematique's and Noirmuse's old site, now hosted at the Graveyard. A plethora of shinies can be found here.
The Medieval Smithy and Plumb Bob Keep: Quality build mode items, object recolours and everything else you'll ever need to build a historical-themed 'hood.
My-mashup: Beautiful wallpapers, floors and lots by Isi. The site is gone but there are links to the items on the main page.
Pixel Dolly (at Sims2Graveyard): Alternative, high quality Bodyshop items and object recolours.
Sims in Paris (mirror site): Beautiful furniture with a chic touch.
Simply Styling: High quality clutter objects, furniture and other things that give a house that 'lived-in'-feeling.
Sims Projects: Grungy walls, floors and posters from Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, along with other useful object retextures by Dektora.

Favourite MTS creators

Bruno: Awesome make-up sets and other Bodyshop items.
blake_boy: Astonishing sets of contemporary furniture.
Buggybooz: Beautifully textured objects and room sets. She also has a blog with more goodness.
Criquette: The master of neighbourhood objects.
Crowridgestudio: Profile emptied out, but had some lovely recolours and vintage objects.
Guatla: Wonderful used-but-not-abused room and building sets, among other things.
Navetsea: I use his face kit and eyebrows on too many sims.
Pixelhate: Countless sets of marvellous building materials and brilliant overlays, perfect to build realistic, grubby lots.
Sherabhim: Beautiful fantasy-type clothing and other things.
V1ND1CARE: One of the best lot builders out there, mostly of ancient ruins and the like.

Creator blogs

Amaryll at Livejournal: Wonderful, high-quality clothing for both genders.
Azaya at Dreamwidth: Grungy recolours, lovely clothing and hairs.
Crayonsama at Tistory: Lovely realistic clutter, mostly ashtrays and gadgets.
CuriousB at Dreamwidth: Extremely useful and well-made grungy recolours and build mode objects.
Daislia at 163: Unique objects, recolours and build mode objects, always accompanied by stunning, inspiring pictures.
Ephemera at Blogbus: Sim God, basically. I simply can't play without his genetics, hair retextures and make-up.
Helena at 163: Utterly gorgeous Bodyshop CC, mostly historical/fantastical, bound to make jaws drop all the way to the floor.
Io at Dreamwidth/Livejournal: Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous clothing, hair retextures and more!
Javiera at Dreamwidth: Makes the most beautiful steampunk-themed clothing and objects.
Nabila at Livejournal: Wonderful high-quality object recolours and make-up.
Ran at 163: Beautiful accessories and other CC, all made with excellent taste.

For those who like snazzy banners to link back with:

Malrennan's Fall - Index

Malrennan's Fall is a storytelling project executed in comic format, using the Sims 2 and a buttload of Photoshop as a medium. I usually post per scene, some longer than others - the latest pages can be found at MF's Tumblr, where I upload them as I finish them.

- Introduction
- Introduction II

. Prologue 1-4
- Prologue 5&6
- I 1-9
- I 10-13
- I 14-17
- I 18-21
- I 22-28
- I 29-39
- I 40-44

If you need to contact me, you can do so via GoS, Tumblr, Livejournal or here - commenting on Dreamwidth doesn't require an account.

I no longer have or play the Sims. Most of my CC can be found on this OneDrive account. For a picture catalog of the CC, check my Repository on Tumblr.
Thank you for the fun and support over the many years - this game and community were part of my coming-of-age, and I hope it will stay strong for many years to come.
Much love,